Printing Services
Santee is a Rotary Screen Printer, capable of handling finish widths ranging from 40” to 130”. Santee is the only print plant in the U.S. capable of printing wide VATs. In rotary screen printing, the fabric passes under a series of cylinder screens each printing a different color. Santee can print up to 18 colors with repeat sizes ranging from 25 ¼” up to 40”. Santee offers packages, providing the greige goods as well as the finishing.  Santee’s pricing is based on minimum runs of 5,000 yards for pigments and 2,000 yards for VATs; smaller lots from 300 yards are quoted on request, with a surcharge. Santee offers the following services:

  • Package greige goods w/ finished fabric
  • Finish widths ranging from 40” up to 130”
  • Ability to print and slit
  • Provide lots as small as 300 yards
  • Print up to 18 colors with repeat sizes from 25 ¼” up to 40”
  • Table strike-offs up to 50 yards of printed fabric
  • Color types including (VATs, Pigments, Fiber-Reactive, Rapidogens and Disperse-Reactive)
  • Fabrics such as Woven, Nonwoven, Cotton, Rayon, Polyester, Poly Cotton
  • Government approved lab facilities
  • Eco-Friendly finishes and greige goods
  • Antimicrobial Healthcare finishes

Table Strike Off
Rotary Screen Printing
Equipped with multiple strike off tables
Allows 5 to 50 yard samples
Fully tested to meet all required specifications
Full Quality Control Center
Wide/ Narrow prints from 40” to 130"
Ability to print and slit
Up to 18 colors
Vats, pigments, fiber reactive, disperse colors

SANTEE PRINTWORKS    •    1.877.7SANTEE (772-6833)
Corporate/ Sales: 212.997.1570 office    •    212.869.7230 fax    •    58 West 40th Street, 11th Floor    •    New York, NY 10018    
Plant Facility: 803.773.1461 office    •    803.773.0227 fax    •    19 Progress Street    •    Sumter, SC 29153